Special moments at STEAK&LOUNGE JB Tachikawa Branch. 🥩🐟✨


Even under the gloomy skies of Tachikawa, don’t miss out on the s

For those who’ve just finished the Obon holidays or are enjoying the week off, forget the dull weather and enjoy a casual drink or dinner with friends at our Tachikawa branch.

Let’s start with today’s specially selected fresh fish:

• Alfonsino: A beautiful red fish caught in the deep sea, rich and incredibly juicy.
• Rock Oyster: Known for its plump texture and rich flavor.
• Snow Crab: A taste that can be enjoyed all year round, concentrated with sweetness and umami.
• Southern Tuna: A perfect balance of red meat flavor and moderate fat.
• Arm Octopus: A type of octopus with long tentacles, offering a fun texture.

Along with these fresh fish, we also offer our regular menu featuring rare Wagyu steaks, roast beef, including Miyazaki beef, and short-horned beef. We pride ourselves on serving dishes made with carefully selected ingredients.

We provide delicious dishes, paired with additive-free sauces and organic, reduced-pesticide vegetables, keeping health in mind. Enjoy these dishes in the heart of summer in Tachikawa.

We look forward to welcoming you, your friends, and family at our Tachikawa branch. We eagerly await your visit.

STEAK&LOUNGE Tachikawa Branch
STEAK&LOUNGE JB Tachikawa Branch
2-21-5 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo Forte Building B1

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday 18:00 to 29:00 (06:00PM to 05:00AM)

We’re open with energy, using all-natural, domestically-sourced, pesticide-free, and reduced-pesticide ingredients! 🥩

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Please, we look forward to serving you.




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